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"Sometimes you have questions about your health and you need helpful solutions to complement your ongoing care. Others have been down the same road and have accumulated a variety of experiences. Their wisdom can be of value, as can the companionship and support of those who are in the same situation as you are."
~Dr. Randall Hardy and Marian Tobin-Hardy

Metabolic Energy

Most people complain of having no energy. They are tired when they wake up in the morning, before bed at night and every moment in-between. There are many ways to measure and restore your energy reserves if they are depleted.

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Focus and Mindfulness

Attention management helps keep us focused on what's most important to us. Mindfulness helps quiet and calm the mind by paying nonjudgmental attention to moment-to-moment experience. Both are necessary for optimum health.

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Attitude Psychology

Attitudes can have a powerful effect on behavior. They shape and color every experience we have. A sustaining life philosophy supports us when life gets tough. And, our emotions and thoughts directly affect mind-body health outcomes.

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