Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D. is an esteemed American poet, post-trauma specialist and Jungian psychoanalyst.

Recently she commented on her writing “The Soul is a River, The River Has a Soul” from La Pasionaria, The Bright Angel, Collected Poetry of Clarissa Pinkola Estés manuscript, ©2000, 2011.

Marian read to me her comments on the weekend and I would like to post them as written because the wisdom behind the words is something to consider and perhaps ponder on.

Dr. Estés:

“Act in fullest heart within your reach, with love. Clean heart. Compassion. Not empty love talk like a clanging tin can. Full love like a singing bowl. We never know what good comes from even our tiniest action to that and those within our kindest reach. The soul does not count outcome, rather counts accumulation of loving and well aimed action.

Thus, to all: my message will not change: you be the change you want to see. Do your work. Keep to it. Help that which is within your reach. Others are deep at work across our world and often with so little resource.

The cries of heart went out decades ago, and here in the US, over 200 years ago, kin the world, centuries ago about persons treated like less than animals, land treated as private cesspool, that which we rely on to live, being taken illegally and given back to us as poison.

There is no waking up to do. We are far past the rants and raves. We are awake. Our bodies, minds, hearts and souls are aware and awake.

There is no waking up to do. We are far past the rants and raves. We are awake. Our bodies, minds, hearts and souls are aware and awake. We are moving forward, have been  moving forward for decades now. When Dr. Caldecott and I shared a stage some years back, we both agreed, far less talking is warranted, and instead far far more doing is needed, that is, tending to your neighbor within your own reach.

Not idle doing. Active doing. Not inflated ego carrying on. Humble action and often, as one can, when one can. No pounding chests, no screaming epithets. Small deliberate thoughtful loving action with consistency.

You know who I hold up as exemplars: Day, King, Chavez, and more. What they insisted upon was clarity, and especially self-purification, so that one does not become a ranter instead of a mender and inventor of heart.

Some say, I cannot turn the tide, I am so small. Remember, the smallest jewels of the clock balance the timepiece. Without it, the clock will lose time and not run. We are the tiny jewels. Grandiosity and panic are not the center. The center is the jewel, the tiny glistening jewel that is the timekeeper of our consciousness and our hearts of action and love.

The time for clarioning only is over. The time for active doing has been here for over 200 years. Worldwide, where still 90% of the world live as serfs, it has been here for literally thousands of years.

Do what you can. Do not burden others with hopelessness. Do not douse the good will of others. Do not hate. Strength comes from finding Love to be the Ultimate Warrior of tenderness, peace and progression.

Do not think people must be abused to be awakened. They already have their own challenges. Have respect for others. Movimientos (changes) are not made on desperation nor anger. They are made successful on love and right thinking, right acting. Do good with loving and not angry heart.

Righteousness is not the same as anger. Righteousness carries the Sacred Heart at center. Warmth. Tenderness. Strength. Progress, not perfection, is my watchword I offer to all who have the eyes to see, the ears to hear.

Ever ever, remember that people are demoralized by being flooded with all that is wrong, and threats about what is about to ‘go wrong’ in any one or millions of persons’ fantasies. We are more than a bundle and jumble of nerves and outrage. We are THE walking sacred Hearts on this Earth. We are ever in process of striving to not only remember this, but to live it. Daily. In spades.

As I say to you often, those who know my work, we may move in different directions, but we are all, of good heart, walking along together.

I send love.clarissa pinkola estes

Much. Much.


Dr. E.”

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