Shifting, Managing and Mastering Your Psychology

Why is mindset important, especially as related to health and well-being?

In the 3rd category of Seikon-Chikara, working on our ‘psychology’ is more about attitudinal healing more than anything else. To have a great attitude requires that you have a philosophical base, a personal philosophy of life, if you will.

By not choosing beliefs that support you or prioritizing values to guide you and knowing who you are in relationship to the ‘big picture’, you can flounder when confronted with chaos, stress and turmoil. The toll on each of us is huge when faced with society’s problems and the negativity we confront on a daily basis through the media and stressed out fellow human beings.

Choosing a path of personal growth bundled with spiritual principles is necessary in order to create a firmer foundation for our mental and emotional stability. A personal philosophy also shields us from the toxicity created by a greedy and unconscious populace that promotes an ever-decreasing quality of life in favor of profits, instead of elevating the best in humanity.

Seikon-Chikara 3rd Category - Shift Your Psychology
Without a life philosophy to guide us, we flounder and suffer.

How would you respond when faced with life threatening or serious health issues?

No one really knows until they are confronted with a diagnosis such as cancer for example. But most folks who ‘win the battle’ have a superior attitude and a fighting spirit. Research has shown that people who take control over their situation when dealing with some of life’s harshest realities, do better than those who have no firm foundation of hopeful expectancy. And sometimes, it is just their time to pass on and their death has nothing to do with whether they were fighters or not. Life has destiny and purpose built into it.

But having a great psychology or attitude supports us in other areas of life, right?

No question.

If you have no faith, confidence and belief in yourself or life itself, you struggle. You know the difference in outcomes when you lose sight of these qualities versus being connected to something more and bigger than yourself, even if it is just a faith in a philosophy that works for you. A realistic philosophy helps you when the world hurts or disappoints you, but it also serves to elevate and motivate you to become a better human being. And, you are happier for it and more fulfilled.

You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of. ~ Jim Rohn

Is it true that we attract what we think about?

Sure, if you know people who are happy, successful and fulfilled, they tend to have better ways of thinking and responding emotionally in life. Watch people who complain incessantly and see if what they constantly complain about is reflected back at them in the details of the life they lead.
However, success in life is not about who holds the most marbles at the end of life. Nor do our thoughts always reflect back the circumstances in our life. So instead of saying to ourselves, “Why do the worst things always happen to me?”, a more empowering belief may be that ‘everything that happens to me happens for a reason and inevitably serves my highest good and destiny.’

Perhaps it may be more accurate to say that we attract not just what we think about, but we attract who we are in terms of our character. Someone once said, “Don’t ask that things get easier, rather, ask for more obstacles and more challenges, for it is out of these that our character is formed.” That is a hard concept to accept when we have lots of problems. But, the spirit of this quote is that through challenges, we grow. If we do think positive, lead a good life, are kind to others and problems still accrue, perhaps we need the adversity to become stronger. Just a thought to entertain. And vice-versa, as we shift to a new way of living in mind and body and move through challenges, we attract nor only we we think about, but who we are becoming in a very positive sense.

With a meaningful life philosophy, we can explore and discover our own individual answers to our personal challenges. And we feel much better on a daily basis.

Sane Simpler Living

It’s a crazy wonderful world and you must slow down and simplify your life in order to see it’s true magnificence. Contentment is not about ‘having more’ – it’s about ‘becoming more.’ Most people are so busy doing non-essential activities they miss out on the important things. Once you re-evaluate your priorities, you become more ‘naturally right’ – doing the things you must that come from a deeper place within. Making a contribution to society, getting rid of the clutter, spending more time with the people you care about and taking care of the planet help make your life simpler and perhaps creating meaning for your life.

Have you ever wondered what life could be like if it was a little simpler?

As we rush to buy devices that are supposed to save us time, we find our lives clogged up with more stuff and responsibilities, so much so that it threatens to choke the every drop of passion and enjoyment from life. People are tired of the rat race and see no relief in sight.

“Stressed and stretched” describe the frantic condition of so many lives today. No doubt about it, many people have grown weary of the work-spend-consume treadmill; and a growing number of us are recognizing that out of control consumerism is inherently unsatisfying, and are casting about for alternative value systems.

Instead let’s think about sustainable environmental stewardship, thoughtful consumption and community involvement.

Are there ways to downsize things in our life that take up too much space? Can you purge some of the clutter you have accumulated, ‘baggage’ that has no function or necessity to be part of your life anymore (baggage = things you don’t need). Can you buy more organic locally grown food and products?

What could you do right now to restore sanity to your life? To restore meaning and enthusiasm and aliveness back into daily living?

Let’s dialogue about ‘voluntary simplicity’ in the Forums of Next Step*New Life. Let’s share ways to make life richer by living a little more sanely.