Some Surprising Results

Last week we posted a survey for our readers/members to help us create a new direction in order to have more interaction in our forums and postings. We do know that many people appreciate the work we do and they honor us by visiting our website. We thought that perhaps because our Next Step*New Life Wellness Community focused on too many varied topics, it didn’t motivate people enough to post their comments, questions and suggestions in our forums and blog.

For example, if you look at a website dedicated to skin cancer or thyroid disease, you will have afflicted folks who have a powerful personal reason to involve themselves. And they do.

Our thrust on this website in the past has followed our general philosophy about natural mind-body wellness:

  1. Get back to basics with your lifestyle – most of the time follow a healthy nutritional program (with healthier treats)
  2. Move your body
  3. Create enthusiasm and become interested what you are passionate about
  4. Get focused and relaxed
  5. Have a sustaining life philosophy
  6. Use natural remedies and therapies when appropriate

Our Seikon-Chikara Principles and Practices delineates specific mind, body and spirit steps toward an all-encompassing action plan when healing illness and optimizing health.

The surprise in the survey was that most people wanted us to stay with general wellness (86%) and less so with weight loss (43%) and other issues.

I guess most people know that a healthy weight loss can be accomplished with a healthy lifestyle. Bravo!

Living healthy at Next Step*New LifeThe most interesting subjects and areas that readers polled: cancer, diet and nutrition.

The areas that received 100% support: the environment, personal development and spirituality, natural food preparation videos.

Another interesting fact was that ‘family oriented health solutions’, especially for children was polled in the majority, but only slightly. Perhaps this finding reflects an older reading population on our website/blog.

A few people mentioned that they didn’t post in the forums because there wasn’t a lot of activity there when they visited. That’s true – people go where others have gone before them. That’s partly due to the fact that we haven’t attracted enough motivated people (it takes a very motivated person to be the first one to step up and be first) because once again, our topics are not centralized around a specific area of interest.

So, what to do now with this information? 

From the survey, it appears that we will still post on a variety of natural mind-body health solutions. We will post more information and articles on personal and spiritual development. More food preparation videos will be forthcoming. Marian has an instinct and talent to create healthy and incredibly tasty natural foods.

Now, pondering the survey results, we realized that we still had our original problem: we have a too general topic list that unfortunately doesn’t get people involved.

Our answer? In order to solve the issue of having no big flag to rally around: we are going to create one.

No, not out of thin air. But one born out of passion, belief and need.

Disease is running rampant, corporate power is running amok and irresponsibly because of the greed and power that drives them (think of Monsanto) and most people feel powerless against them. Political medicine is often driven by profits instead of providing information and guidance for real healing.

You may have been conditioned to be satisfied with the status quo by the media and special interest groups backed by bought politicians. “Don’t worry about the direction society and the world is going” they say. “We will handle things for you. We know best.”

It’s time we all wake up and create a personal wellness revolution of our own.

It’s up to each of us to find out the facts and take a stand for what is healthy and right for ourselves, our families, our communities and the planet.

It’s revolutionary to:

  • Plant some food where you live
  • Take natural medicines for minor illnesses instead of over the counter drugs
  • Consider alternatives to standard care when you have a chronic disease after gathering information form credible sources
  • Join a group whose only interest is to better the lives of fellow human beings and the planet
  • Pay a favor forward
  • Help a stranger when safe to do so
  • Spend some of your vacation at a destination wellness resort instead of on a cruise ship
  • Drink veggie juices and smoothies as a dietary supplement
  • Meditate
  • Live mindfully
  • Quit smoking
  • Do yoga or Tai chi
  • Eat more vegetables
  • Smile when you are bummed out

Many people who have seen Marian and I speak or present ‘live’ know that we are very excited by ideas and concepts covering a wide span of subjects from natural health, environmental, personal development and spiritual issues to the political environment that determines regulations and policies. Perhaps this enthusiasm has been too muted in the Next Step*New Life Community.

It is hopefully accurate to say that ‘knowledgeable, passionate and motivating’ are 3 qualities that describe us more than any other adjectives according to the many hundreds of people we have been with over the years in our clinical work and public presentations.

Are you ready to join us in the ‘Wellness Self-care Revolution’ that is happening all over the world?

This will be our main focus. To give you interesting, informative and accurate information to make small or radical changes in your life as you choose: steps toward a better life with like-minded people who want to support you in your efforts.

Our future blog posts will have more hard hitting articles on companies that are bad corporate citizens and what you can do about them.Join the Next Step*New Life Wellness Revolution

We also will have podcasts with a variety of people (including authors) who are pioneers in new ways of creating a better world. Let’s speak with people who are fighting for the simple rights, health and happiness of people everywhere despite special interests that want you to remain ignorant of their nefarious ways as they increase their coffers at your expense. These interviews will feature interesting people who are expert in their area of nutrition, ecology, personal and spiritual development or natural healing.

We will talk about cancer – it is a disease that touches all of us and affects everyone deeply. There are things we can do proactively to prevent it and lifestyle changes/remedies that can improve the outcome and prognosis.

And we will still blog on the stuff that you told us you already liked and keep providing information such as how to make great natural food and heal with natural remedies. Plus we will address any other areas you want. But we need to hear from you to know what they are! Please don’t be shy. Share!

Integrating and embodying new information and potentials into your life is the critical challenge of our time. Many people taking the ‘Next Step to a New Life’ will have many questions and challenges arising all along the way. To get the most out of your time on this website, you need the ongoing support of mentors and the rich connection with your peers.

So take the Next Step toward your New Life. Decide what you need to do and take action – that’s revolutionary even if you are conservative!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to give us feedback in our survey!

Got a comment? Please post below. Thanks!

Dr. Randy and Marian of Next Step*New Life

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