Flu Prevention and Natural Remedies

This year’s flu season has been especially hard hitting and many are faced with trying to decide to get a flu shot or not. There are natural alternatives to combat these nasty bugs. The obvious first line of defense is diligent hand washing, getting plenty of sleep, regular exercise and eating a wholesome diet.


In addition, I have found some very effective products if used at the first onset of the flu can stop the flu dead it its tracks. The product I have used faithfully over the years is the homeopathic remedy made by Boiron called Oscillococcinum. I never leave home without it during flu season and it has got me through many seasons flu free. Another new one I’ve just tried is called Multi-Strain Flu Relief made by King Bio Natural Medicine.

Essential Oils

There are also many essential oils that are very powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial that can aid in combating these various strains of viruses and bacteria. Some of the most effective are eucalyptus radiata and globulus, lemon, tea tree, lavender, white and red thyme. I like Aura Cacia’s Medieval Mix and Plant Therapy’s Germ Fighter Synergy Blend combination oils very much. They can be diffused or can be diluted in massage oil or cream and applied to lymph rich areas such as the chest area (thymus), neck and soles of the feet for quick absorption. Just remember these are powerful oils and must be diluted before applying to the body. Avoid eyes and mucous membranes.

All of these products are available at most health food stores or online.

PS Isn’t it interesting how the flu season coincides with over-indulgences after the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year festivities?

For your convenience, I have added links to Amazon for my 4 recommendations to make it easier to view or purchase:

Boiron Oscillococcinum

Aura Cacia Medieval Mix, Essential Solutions

Plant Therapy Germ Fighter Synergy Essential Oil Blend