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Why Join Next Step*New Life?

While looking after the health of you and your family, how can you get reliable answers to questions, concerns and issues that are important?

(And how do you find answers to questions at any time of day?)

On most days, you may have questions that pertain to your well-being and how to use natural remedies as a solution to restore health.

These questions may have to do with acute problems like the best flu remedies or how to treat a bee sting. They may be about losing weight when you get stuck or complementary ways to help with skin cancer or cardiovascular problems. Or perhaps you just need some help with a stress-related life situation that is causing you distress.

And the natural response to such a situation is to try and find the answers via the internet. But often the answers online are unpredictable and contradictory.

What’s worse is that the source of the information can’t always be trusted. You’re never sure what’s being revealed and what’s not because of commercial interests of the posters. Plus when you do try to make things better on your own, there’s often no other trusted source you can turn to, to ask for an opinion.

Some people feel left out in the cold, afraid and with no-one to trust. Especially people with no health insurance or very limited coverage. And when you are on your own, you struggle.

You struggle if there is no one to turn to.

If you get stuck you may have to work things out by yourself. And you can end up going in circles trying so many things you read on the internet and in books that widely vary in opinion.

Or instead you could enter the ‘Next Step*New Life’ community and participate in the forums.

And within the Next Step*New Life Community, you’ll find the warm comfort of others who are searching for reliable information, just like you. You’ll find resources and ideas that will help you move ahead, and progress rapidly.

Instead of being alone, you’ll experience the satisfaction of sitting around a warm fireplace, warming your toes and getting the answers you seek in a safe environment.

So what’s inside Next Step*New Life that makes it so comfortable and friendly?

You can interact, network and collaborate with other health seekers or people who want to improve their lives not only physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well.

Most importantly it’s a place where you can feel safe and comfortable.

Specific Suggestions: On any given day you need specific answers. You may be stuck and you want help with a specific question (e.g. how do I prevent my diabetes from becoming worse by making specific lifestyle changes? How can I lose weight at the same time?) and you don’t have the time to go through an entire course or book to get the answer.

You get ongoing support as you progress.

You get a good feeling by helping and encouraging others and score some major ‘Buddha Points.’

In Next Step*New Life you get support in three distinct ways:

1. (a) You get help via suggestions and encouragement when you need it from Dr. Randy, Marian and also from the rest of the Community.

(b) You also get directed to other credible resources that help you solve your specific problem.If the solution doesn’t exist, we literally will research possible answers and solutions for you.

(c) We ask that you do run the information you receive by your primary health professional for another opinion. (We are also inviting other like-minded health professionals to join our Community too).

2. A community of smart people with answers of their own because they have had personal experience solving their own health problems or have resources you don’t. Within Next Step*New Life you’ll find real people. People who go out of their way to help, encourage, interact and collaborate with you.

3. A place where you can feel safe and comfortable. Most forums can make you feel like an outsider. There’s usually a clique of “regulars” and they dominate the place. They call the shots. They may criticize your questions. And often once you’re signed up, you’re stuck, because you’re at their mercy. What’s worse is the forum owner gives advice when he/she feels like it. And you’re a bit abandoned and have probably vowed never to go to forums again.

Well, you should try the Next Step*New Life Forum

Unlike other forums where the forum owners are nowhere to be seen, Marian and Dr. Randy are dedicated to your well-being. They will be around the Community Forums a lot. Each question is important to us. You should also know that we not only encourage physical wellness, but emotional/mental and spiritual growth too, so Next Step*New Life is all-encompassing as a holistic site should be.

Plus you get to know the rest of the Community members.

Warm, friendly and helpful people, who know the only rule of the Next Step*New Life Community is: ‘Be kind, be helpful, or be gone!’

What makes this community different is that some of us have had health issues in the past and have seen what works and what didn’t. Some of us want to prevent future health problems from developing. All of us know how it feels to be in a new place, and hence we want to go out of their our way to make you comfortable. Plus because Marian and Dr. Randy have over 50 years of combined wellness experience, you don’t get mere opinions, and instead get gentle advice that helps you move ahead.

Of course there’s no need for you to be an active member in the forum

You can simply lurk and read the information. However, if you ask just a few questions or 1001 questions, your question will be promptly answered in great detail and with great courtesy (There’s no such thing as a ‘too big’ question or ‘too silly’ question).

Does becoming a member in the forums cost $75 a month? Or $100? Or $200?

No, it’s free!

Sign up NOW and take small or big steps (as you choose) towards making your body-mind health a priority in your life. It’s easier than you think, especially with caring support from our members.