Exciting news!

We have arranged for our own ‘channel’ on MyMedLab.com, a direct to consumer provider for lab tests. Our members (and non-members) can order cost-saving tests directly, visit a certified laboratory test facility nearby and have the results returned pretty quickly. In line with our holistic philosophy, knowledge is empowerment and paramount to understanding, preventing and treating illness.

As you may be aware, we recommend a natural and conservative approach to healing using all complementary techniques at one’s disposal (which can include medical procedures when necessary). You and your professional health care provider or coach may require the services of a reputable lab to give you more data to make informed decisions.

As per their website:

“The mission of MyMedLab has been simple; to provide consumers with an affordable and convenient way to privately learn about their health. When combined with an annual exam, our screenings create the foundation for health care of the future, one focused on prevention and early detection.

Smart consumers today are getting this information privately, outside their permanent medical records, and then sharing these results when it enhances their care. Knowing what is important and what questions to ask maximizes the time and money spent with their doctor.

The MyMedLab process combines transparent pricing of state-of-the-art testing with the services of a board certified physician in every state. This unique combination eliminates the cost and inconvenience of a doctor’s visit just to order routine testing. It provides essential Physician oversight throughout the entire process while still guaranteeing complete privacy. MyMedLab results never become part of any permanent medical record unless you provide them.

Direct to consumer lab tests with Next Step*New Life Testing can be purchased 24 hours a day Online (tests ordered online provide an additional 10% discount) or through our Toll Free Call Center. From a single page (TESTS WE OFFER), you can identify a test, learn what it evaluates, and complete your purchase. Tests are listed both individually and in groups called Wellness Profiles based on your age, sex and family history. This basic information is all you need to identify which profile evaluates your risk for common conditions associated with your specific group. For consumers with testing ordered by their doctor, we provide an easy way to purchase the same testing at a cost 50%-80% less than in their doctor’s office or local hospital lab.

MyMedLab customers purchase testing online, or by phone, and then visit one of nearly 2,000 local Patient Service Centers (PSC) in their neighborhood. Once samples are drawn, results are securely uploaded to their private personal health record (PHR), most within 24-48 Hours. A notification email is sent when results have been released and are ready for review. They simply log into their PHR account at MyMedLab (with the user name and password they created) to view their results. Each result includes a brief explanation and a direct link to the National Library of Medicine for more detailed result information.

Everything we do at MyMedLab is designed to put you, the consumer, back in control of your health. Our unique brand of health care provides the basic health information you need to make smarter choices. Knowledge is power in health care.

We want to be the most cost-effective, convenient, and consumer-friendly laboratory service provider. We focus exclusively on the consumer experience, everything from the look of our website, to the testing offered, the ease of ordering a test, the Physician Review, and results reporting experience. We believe that the informed and empowered consumer will be an essential catalyst in reforming our current health care system.”

Value for Next Step*New Life Members and Non-members

The MyMedLab mission aligns with ours: to give the consumer choices and empowerment to act on behalf of themselves along with their chosen health care provider in order to optimize their personal health.

Our Next Step*New Life Channel

Our channel on MyMedLab.com has prepackaged panels and individualized tests that we recommend specifically for testing metabolic energy as per our health program guidelines Shift 9, Category One: Shift and Master Your Energy.

These tests include a baseline panel, thyroid, adrenal and celiac tests.

However, you can order any test on this site, even if it is not on the Next Step*New Life Channel.

Once I have added more information about the thyroid and adrenal glands, liver, kidneys and intestine and stress reduction to our website — this new information will give you an idea of which tests you might need. Your health professional (who is hopefully up-to-date on the latest information regarding the interpretation of these tests) and you can also decide what you may need.

One day when the forum participation is up (and it will be) we can discuss more of the tests and their inherent value together.

The link to our our channel on MyMedLab.com is here:

Next Step*New Life MyMedLab Channel.

Any questions or comments? Please post below. All feedback welcome.