Mastery = Practicing Simple Fundamentals Daily

You can try to boil water at 210°F. Or 211°. Or 211.5°. But it won’t boil until you hit the scientifically proven magic number of 212°!

Just a small difference determines whether water is hot or it boils. It’s the same thing with progress with your health goals: doing small things ever day with focus and purposeful effort can yield significant results over time.

Are you willing to do a few things daily to reach your Personal 212° ?

With help from our products and services at Next Step*New Life using our fundamental Seikon-Chikara Just Shift 3 Things Protocols, you can learn how to harness the inherent power of your body and mind to attain HIGH VITALITY and optimum wellness.

This is your opportunity to learn the simple steps necessary to achieve your health and life goals. Once you have increased your energy at the levels (physical and emotional/mental) lacking vitality, your body-mind’s telecommunication system begins to function at a peak level. The inborn intelligence of your body now begins to heal you more efficiently and effectively—the power that created every single cell of your body knows exactly what to do when freed up to do its job!

Your body and mind is hard-wired with intelligence and information that hasn’t changed in thousands of years. Imagine putting this ancient power on your side for a better life.

By Practicing Seikon-Chikara Fundamentals You Can:

  • Become energetic and healthy – Heal and prevent acute and chronic disease
  • Lose weight permanently
  • Learn ways to change your lifestyle behavior to effect real and lasting change
  • Achieve deeper relaxation
  • Work more effectively with your compulsions and addictions
  • Understand and use skills to help yourself and others
  • It may be enough to change a few things that you are eating, start a simple exercise program or ‘shift’ some unproductive thought and belief patterns. Achieving improvement in your life is an ongoing constant process.

Let’s be honest — it will take some effort on your part — and you are worth the effort. It’s taking little steps, one after the other that will lead to big changes over time. And we will guide you in every part of your journey to your goals.

We are not perfect. But who is?

It’s fairly obvious that one can’t have a ‘perfect’ lifestyle. But that’s okay. Perfection isn’t the goal. A good life is. And a good life has as much to do with your intent as with the end result. We want you to be happy while you are doing the very best you can.

We realized early on in our work that most of us need to balance wellness practices with healthy (and sometimes not-so-healthy) pleasures. Out of this realization, we wrote a book based upon this philosophy we call 80*10*10.

80*10*10 simply means that if we follow our programs:

  • Most of the time (80%)
  • Occasionally indulging in tasty treats—as long as they are not addictive or destructive, we aren’t allergic to them or they don’t interfere with healing of illness (10%: your decadent-10 anti-deprivation foods)
  • Do specific regular cleanses at specific times (10%) …

…we can remain pretty healthy. In this way we create a ‘buffer zone’ between being healthy and sick, while enjoying our self-designed program.

We have fun too! For example when we are helping you with your personal saboteurs, we may talk about Babalui®, the little ‘monster’ on the right (you don’t ever want to take this character’s suggestions seriously). It’s the part of you that says, “Why don’t you eat that chocolate bar? One won’t hurt! And you can always start your exercise program tomorrow.” Have you ever heard him/her speak to you? Most of us have.

Together, we will help give you the will and a way to succeed at your health goals. Click on Babalui (the pink little fellow on the right) for more information on compulsive and addictive behavior and Attention Management, one of the triad of our Seikon-Chikara Just Shift 3 Things Systems Approach.

Babalui the Saboteur