Marian and I have terrific news!

If you have been wondering why there have been no posts in the last week, it’s because we have been really busy with our new project.

We are starting our very own destination resort experience featuring ‘Weight Loss and Wellness’ at the Marriot Residence Inn, located in Pompano Beach / Fort Lauderdale starting this July.

Marian and I have been working in the destination wellness resort business for many years, so we are pleased to be able to continue with our own brand of programs, food and educational material.

We will implement our new ‘Shift 9 Wellness Program’ which will make it easier for people to adopt a healthy real-world lifestyle and help prevent illness, restore wellness and  lose weight permanently. We endeavor to make these programs a comprehensive body-mind-spirit experience. Our hope is that you will join us.

We feature our main ‘Naturally Well Premium Wellness Program‘, plus we have 7 other optional add-on programs:

  • Weight Mastery
  • Jazzed for Juice
  • Fitness Plus
  • Royal Pampering
  • Stress Management
  • Butts-Out Smoking Cessation
  • Just For Her Bridal Package

The ‘Naturally Well By The Sea’ program offerings will be full 4 or 7 night all-inclusive programs (morning to evening) at a great price and sensational value: accommodation, classes, meals, bundled spa treatments and taxes are all included.

And, the hotel is located right on the beach!

dreamstime_7368480We have our own private dining room and lecture room as well as the private use of the pool for 2 classes per day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We also have exclusive use of the aerobics/yoga room and a fully equipped Pilates studio (with a certified instructor). Want to try a spinning class? We have that too!

Marian has created and designed the menu. One of our former chefs (who was with us in our early resort/spa days at Spa Atlantis) will be our chef.

We will soon be taking reservations for your oceanfront wellness vacation.

Be sure to check us out!

‘Naturally Well By The Sea’ — Please CLICK HERE to see our website. (No longer in operation). Was a great program!

We would like to acknowledge our friend Harold Lebovic who first got us into this rewarding business by hiring us for the ‘Fit for Life’ Health Resort and Spa way back in 1996. He has taught us a lot about the finer details of marketing and customer service with respect to the destination wellness and spa business. He is currently the owner of the ‘Heartland Spa’ just south of Chicago. This is an ideal country spa for rest, relaxation and a nurturing rural experience.

Next, we want to give a big shout out to Nick Dejnega, owner of the ‘Regency Health Resort and Spa’ which we have been associated with for many years. He has shown amazing staying power in this business — over a quarter century. Thanks Nick – we wish you much success in your next endeavor!

After you have looked over our ‘Naturally Well By The Sea’ website,  we are looking forward to your suggestions and comments. After all, we want you to feel like it’s your home away from home — a place where you can feel comfortable, nurtured and cared for.


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