Wow! We have had over 4000 visits from 87 countries since we first began our online ‘Wellness and Weight Loss’ natural health community 6 months ago.

Marian and I now want to re-focus the Next Step*New Life community website on specific topics that MOST interest our readers and visitors.

After having spent over 30 years in the wellness industry, we personally are passionate about a wide variety of topics such as:

  • Natural food nutrition and preparation
  • Lifestyle enhancement to prevent and heal disease
  • Natural remedies such as herbal medicines, homeopathy and aromatherapy
  • Vitality measurements and solutions (i.e. adrenal, thyroid glands)
  • Intestinal wellness
  • The environment
  • Personal development as a tool to reach mind-body-spirit goals
  • Psychological techniques and tools to help stay focused on wellness goals
  • Spirituality (non-denominational and all-inclusive)
  • Yoga and Tai chi
  • Natural therapeutics such as massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, shiatsu, etc.
  • Progressive non-invasive medical testing

We have written about and commented on many of the topics listed above (together we have expertise in many), but we are now ready to narrow the focus on topics that our readers and forum members specifically want addressed and discussed.

Next Step*New Life Wellness and Weight Loss CommunitySome people have said they want the community to be just about weight loss, for example. Others have suggested making it an online community dedicated to natural remedies and nutrition to prevent cancer and help those who are afflicted, especially skin cancer. There have been some folks who have put forth ideas on dedicating Next Step*New Life to adrenal/thyroid/sex gland issues because glandular dysfunctions are the cause of many health disorders.

Although we have resisted making this a single topic community, we know from experience that by narrowing a field down to one, two or three related areas creates a more interested and interactive reader and member base. We do get a lot of positive private responses and from the web stats we know that many people are reading the blogs and visiting Next Step*New Life, but there has been very little activity in the forums (a free sign-up in required in this area to keep out spammers) and the comments to the blog posts have been sparse too.

As a result of these observations and our desire to maximize our efforts, we want to move away from generalized topics to specific ones that hold the most interest for the majority of people.

We are passionate about natural mind-body-spirit therapeutics and lifestyles. Our belief is that you must create a ‘wellness revolution’ in your own life with the help of your doctor or health professional. It takes guts, grit and gall to prevent illness, heal disease and optimize wellness and we are here to help in whatever way we can. Are you on board?

We have created an online survey with 10 questions to help us understand what your specific interests are dear readers and forum members. Would you help us please? It will only take a few minutes of your time and we would really appreciate your feedback. The results are sent to us anonymously. If you are visiting Next Step*New Life for the first time, your answers would be helpful also. Thank you!

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Here is the survey link:

Please CLICK HERE to take survey



Dr. Randy and Marian

PS  We will give you the results of our survey in a future blog post.