Next Step*New Life books for sale.

Recommended books to help you navigate the various components that create optimum wellness in mind, body and spirit.

Essential reading!

Next Step*New Life Psynchromind Sound Healing.

Psynchromind Natural World Products are therapeutic audio programs designed for stress management, experiencing mindfulness and behavior change or ‘shifts.’ Using music, nature sounds and sometimes specially embedded frequencies to deepen the relaxation effect, many people have experienced profound ‘shifts’ in consciousness and habits. In some sessions, Dr. Randy uses therapeutic change language to alter disempowering ‘programs’ in the unconscious mind.

Next Step*New Life Kitchen Gadgets and Tools

Cool kitchen gadgets for food lovers! Make food preparation simpler and enjoyable. Have fun preparing delicious meals with these helpful tools.

Next Step*New Life Exercise at Home

You gotta move your body! No excuses – do a little bit every day or more every other day. Perhaps these suggestions will help you along?

Mind-body audio programs are a great way to learn about wellness, healing and self-development.

Next Step New Life video learning programs.

Video programs to help navigate your way to wellness in both mind and body.

Next Step New Life health supplements

Health supplements should be in addition and complementary to a healthy lifestyle based on our Seikon-Chikara Lifestyle Practices and Principles!

Next Step*New Life Wellness Coaching.

Together, let’s help you move in a positive health direction by understanding the processes that may have contributed to you being unwell and redirect you to better lifestyle habits and behaviors. We will refine your goals and uncover challenges that could stand in your way; together we will discover your personal motivational factors to reach your wellness goals.

Next Step*New Life Weight Mastery Coaching

Weight Mastery® is our answer to the epidemic of being over-fat that is simple, safe and a healthy natural way to lose weight. The psychology of weight management is highlighted as an important component to reach your goals.

Next Step*New Life Natural Foods Preparation Coaching

Preparing natural foods for you and your family can be made simpler once you know the basic principles of healthy food selection. Get to know the best ways to choose and create scrumptious dishes that will be a smash hit at both your family table and group gatherings! Learn which kitchen tools make the job easier too.

Next Step*New Life dynamic speaking presentations.

Are you looking for fun, dynamic speakers at your next event? Book Dr. Randy and / or Marian to deliver an education and motivational seminar or keynote that will make your participants more aware of natural healing and best of all, ready to implement wellness principles into their life immediately after the event!

Next Step New Life Therapeutic Testing Devices

Non-intervention therapeutic testing devices are a way for you to measure body factors to determine your state of health!

Next Step New Life therapeutic devices

Next Step New Life therapeutic devices relieve, pain, stress and other health problems you may be suffering from.