PsynchroMind Natural World

“Transforming self-limiting unconscious programs that hang you up.”

PsynchroMind Natural World™ is about helping you manage stress and to help with personal changes, using what we call sensory entrainment products.

It’s a ‘Two Prong’ Approach:

1. Aligning your conscious intentions with the unconscious programs that work just below your awareness.

The unconscious mind stores information and when this data is incongruent with your wish to change a particular behavioral pattern, the unconscious mind will always win out.

2. Synchronizing your body and mind to the powerful and sensual array of natural sounds.

PsynchroMind Natural World products use audio as the conduit to relaxing the mind, creating a mindscape of imagination and visualization to engage and awaken all of your senses.

Both of these ‘prongs’ are crucial to shift limiting patterns that run below the levels of consciousness to give you better health, mentally and emotionally.

Many of our PsynchroMind Natural World™ products use a systematic way of applying a combination of safe and specialized frequencies your brain will naturally respond to, along with subtle nature sounds and sometimes voice suggestions to help you make personal change. We also help you consciously think in a more positive way about life – your life, using what we call Seikon-Chikara Principles. Our goal is to make it easy as possible for you to understand and carry out everything that we offer and teach, and to give you support when you need it.

Using what we call PsynchroMind ‘side door’ approaches to bypass the objective but often over critical conscious mind to get access to the powerful resources of the unconscious mind are tried and true methods of self-talk, affirmations and audio sounds to produce a more positive lasting change.

Sometimes, people can get the results they want just by listening to an audio product. Children, for example find our “Child Sleep’ audio product very easy to relax and fall asleep with, although we do give suggestions for parents to check whether there are stressors in the child’s life that are present and need some extra attention.

Unleash the Unlimited Power of your Brain and Mind!

The brain aided by the intention of your mind has the power to heal, create, and evolve. Our brain is incredibly resilient and has the capacity to create new neural pathways if we choose to keep learning and opening ourselves to new experiences. These new pathways lead to a change in behavioral patterns.

What can PsynchroMind Natural World™ do for you?

Our products and information are geared towards people who want:

  • Relief from stress and sleepless nights.
  • Methods to change unwanted behaviors.
  • Techniques to deepen meditation experiences.
  • Help with their compulsive and addictive behaviors.
  • Strategies to change ever-present negative emotional states.
  • Help to heal their bodies using the powerful resources of their unconscious mind.

Be ready to spend a little time here…don’t be in a hurry…

Many of our problems stem from the fact that our minds are always racing, never allowed to find their resting place. When we rush, we miss the little things…the scent of a fresh flower, rustling leaves on a soft summer’s day, a baby’s laugh. Slow down to discover the ‘spirit’ behind your every action and the gift that life is holding for you.

This is what it’s really about – finding something on our site that you won’t find anywhere else whether an audio product, a book or an idea that begins the shift in mind and body – something you have always been looking for, something that has waited for you until now.

Psynchromind Products

One Moment…

One moment is all it takes to change something in your life. It’s something inside you that urges you to make some change or shift in your way of thinking or being.

We hope you find some of your answers here. The changes you need always start as a psychological shift. You begin to create an alignment or congruence between your conscious decisions or desires and your unconscious mind. You begin to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Let PsynchroMind Natural World™ help you to begin or enhance your journey!