Food Fantasies

Joan, a friend of mine, sent me an article about how some people relate to food. The author suggested that romanticizing food is one of the reasons we have overweight issues and her suggestion was to think of food only in pragmatic terms. While I understand the intent of this thinking, I must disagree.

While food is medicine and its nutritive value fuels the body, food is also a pleasure. Our bodies are ‘pleasure packages.’ When we give it healthy sensual pleasures, the body will tend not to crave the foods, beverages and habits that are detrimental.

For example, I had an incredible organic fruit based (non-dairy) home-made ice cream two nights ago served up with home-made dark chocolate on the side. Marian will be showing you how to do these recipes very shortly. I ate it with gusto. The main course was an organic curried veggie plate with a beautifully prepared and colorful salad on the side. Yumbo!

I didn’t think of this meal as solely a vitamin and mineral concoction, although its nutritive value was high.

Loving Better

Just as you can either love the wrong person or someone more suited to you, in the same way you can love the wrong foods for your body or you can love the right foods. It’s not the ‘loving’ that is the problem. I ‘fantasize’ my foods, but I only do it with foods that are healthy and non-addictive.

When food is a love affair for people with weight issues, I help them shift how they think and feel about the foods they currently crave (the white breads, pastas and sugars for example) to healthier, visually beautiful and incredibly tasty foods. They can still eat with passion, but not compulsion.

That’s the difference.

What do you think?