Seikon-Chikara Fundamentals

Why Are There So Many Sick People?

  1. Many people have no ‘zip.’ They are always tired and lack vitality mostly due to a poor lifestyle and stress. This is the number one complaint most people share. Therefore, their immune systems become weaker over time, making them more susceptible to disease.
  2. Many people can’t follow through with their chosen health program long enough to get satisfactory results (sound familiar)? Scattered unfocused thinking causes people to run west to see a sunrise. This leads to frustration and a feeling of helplessness and/or a lack of control.
  3. Many people do not have a powerful enough emotional reason to begin with and stick to a health and fitness program. Doctors everywhere pull out their hair because patients generally do not follow through with medicines and therapeutics, natural or otherwise. Unfortunately, getting healthy and fearing death are not big enough motivators, long term. When folks don’t have a meaningful life purpose nor a sustaining life philosophy, they often don’t follow through either.

What Are the Major Causes of Health Problems?

  1. ‘Zombie’ Foods, Beverages & Habits: Empty calories consisting mostly of packaged and processed food laden with chemicals, sugar and non-food items. Let’s also include habits like unnecessary drugs and tobacco smoking. Gluten, soy and corn products may also be considered ‘Zombie’ foods for many people as well as other food sensitivities suffered by many people.
  2. Stasis: Not exercising. Responding to life a flat unemotional manner. Never reading or engaging in thought-provoking interesting material. Feeling dead inside.
  3. Anxiety: Always feeling a chronic low level of unease in life – the ‘shoe is about to drop.’ Not sleeping. Thoughts race. Tension.
  4. Hereditary Factors: Genetic factors we are born with and tend to influence our energy levels and susceptibility to dis-ease (spelled this way on purpose).
  5. Toxins and Chemicals: Sustained exposure to environmental toxins.

What’s the answer?

You need to have knowledge of common sense credible information that has proven itself to work. It must follow nature’s laws. That’s important. It has to be simple, doable, practical and effective.

You must have a powerful ‘why.’

What are your reason(s) to feel better? Don’t answer too quickly. Think about it seriously. Do your answers stir your soul? Do you feel excited about feeling better and the things you will do once you reach your health and wellness goals? You must have a personal B.E.A.R. (Big Exciting Ass-kickin’ Reason)!

Why Practice Seikon-Chikara?

“Western medicine focuses on the treatment of disease symptoms—its strength in the treatment of acute life-threatening health problems and crisis management.”

Seikon-Chikara, in contrast, considers an approach to healthcare focusing on the whole human being, integrating the elements of your environment, genes, lifestyle, nutrition and your mental/psychological makeup. This holistic approach looks for the underlying causes of disease, and caring for the mind, body and spirit.

“Certain kinds of foods are ‘superstars’ and others are dangerous to your well-being. In addition, some foods need to be moderated based on specific criteria.”

Seikon-Chikara makes it easy to separate the ‘good guys’ from the ‘bad guys’ and the ones in-between. Seikon-Chikara places foods like veggies, fruits, meat, fish, fowl, eggs, grains, beans, pulses and junk foods in different categories and shows you to make wise choices based on your individual physiology.

“Inflammation, a fundamental protective reaction of your body, is also a pathway to many diseases when out of control. Learn the protocols for putting out the ‘fire.’”

Seikon-Chikara uncovers the multiple causes of chronic inflammation, from certain kinds of foods (including sensitivities to particular foods like gluten, soy and corn), pollutants and bacteria to stress and sleep disorders. Body pH balance, the sugar-insulin response, water intake and stress are all influential factors.

“Seikon-Chikara focuses on the health of your adrenal-thyroid-liver-kidney-gut complex. If these organs are sound, the other systems and organs usually function well too.”

Your metabolic energy is the key to your vitality, immune system response and resistance to illness. The generation and utilization of metabolic energy is thus fundamental to all cellular biology and can evaluated with simple tests.

“Mind-body techniques including meditation and mindfulness are shaping the paradigm of Western medicine. Shifting your ‘state’ into ‘flow’ enhances well-being.”

Seikon-Chikara uses ways to harness your attention, creating a relaxation response that has remarkable clinical outcomes. What you tend to focus on consistently can often become your reality, for good or otherwise.

“Seikon-Chikara emphasizes the importance of your beliefs, values and self-identification (BVI) about your world and the direct relationship to your health.”

Do your beliefs, values and self-image affect whether or not you can get sick? Seikon-Chikara (and scientific research) says ‘yes’ and provides ways to connect with more meaningful ways to enhance your life.

Just Shift 3 Things: Three Gateways to Mind-Body Wellness

Seikon-Chikara: Shift Your Energy

The First Gateway or category is about managing your ENERGY. Optimizing overall VITALITY is crucial to mind-body health. ‘Sparkle & Stamina’ are indicative of a strong vital force in the body. That energy, force or principle that defines the living from the non-living. High energy = strong immune system.

METABOLISM: The chemical processes occurring within a living cell or organism that are necessary for the maintenance of life. In efficient metabolism some substances are broken down to yield energy for vital processes while other substances, necessary for life, are synthesized.

Vitality and metabolism can be measured.

Seikon-Chikara: Shift Your Attention

The Second Gateway or category is concerned with what and how you pay ATTENTION to. What you focus on gets bigger, whether its good or less than ideal.

Mindfulness and meditation is often used to ease many health concerns such as high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety. Paramount is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment.

When you are clear about what you want and commit to attaining them by keeping your word to yourself and others, magic happens. Affirming your intentions helps you stay committed and connected to your body-mind and spiritual goals.

Seikon-Chikara: Shift Your Psychology

The Third Gateway or category concentrates upon your day-to-day PSYCHOLOGY.

Simply, is your day-today attitude mostly positive or negative? Do you have a philosophy of life that inspires you and supports you even in difficult times?

People do better and feel better when they tone down being over-disciplined and a slave to perfection, instead living with intention, meaning and purpose as guiding lights.

Living a simpler life is a sane and sacred action that respects others and Mother Earth. Slowing down, taking time to enjoy the outdoors along with a natural lifestyle is the heart of a life well-lived.