Seikon-Chikara Overview – Step by Step


First, realize that you are not going to follow this program or any program for that matter perfectly, long term. No one does. This is the first step to stop self-sabotage in its tracks. We find that our 80*10*10© protocols — a way of living in the real world without driving yourself crazy — has worked for many hundreds of people over the years.

The ’80’ from 80*10*10 means you follow the Seikon Protocols and Principles we outline MOST of the time. You set your individualized Seikon-Chikara program based on your own lifestyle and comfort level, always doing the best you can.

The ’middle 10’ from 80*10*10, represents your ”decadent 10 anti-deprivation treats” which means foods you can have two or three times a week to keep you on the program without feeling deprived. This is a not an excuse to go overboard, but rather a built-in way to give you pleasure. A healthy treat is much preferred however.

The last ’10’ from 80*10*10 keeps you healthy. These are cleanses you do for prevention every week, a few times a year or whenever your body needs a break to heal itself. These cleansing breaks give your body a chance to use its precious energy to detoxify and repair. Keep in mind that any kind of intermittent fasting as part of your program regime is not part of this ’10’.

We will be giving specific things you can follow in each of the 3 categories (or gateways) below very shortly. Stay tuned! In the meantime get great information in our blog posts and forums.


  • Nutritional Principles: based on natural and organic foods, high water alkaline content foods, keto and paleo principles including insulin and sugar responses in the body, fasting from intermittent to longer term
  • Exercises to enhance vitality
  • Sleep / Rest
  • Power breathing exercises
  • +ve Actions = ‘shedding’ bad habits & certain people


  • Focusing Techniques: mindfulness, meditation and attention management techniques to keep you in charge of where the mind goes – either towards a particular outcome or for mind/body/spirit enrichment
  • Getting clear about & committing to what you value most
  • Affirmations to program your unconscious mind


  • Developing a resourceful attitudinal mindset
  • Exploring and defining our beliefs, values and self-concepts in order to change our life stories to a direction that gives us personal meaning & purpose
  • Creating a sustaining life philosophy is primary – self-development principles practice it. Your philosophical premises will shape your psychological experiences.

Seikon-Chikara Emanations Therapeutic Systems (S-C ETS)

The concept and therapeutic intent of S-C ETS is to release (let go or shed), balance, reroute or unblock healing life energy and allow emanations from the Source to flow through our body as innate intelligence, optimally and unimpeded. Interruptions to this ‘flow’ can come through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of our human make-up.

We will be giving courses on S-C ETS including the following topics and therapeutic systems:

Finding causes of health disorders through observation of client including language & body patterns, symptoms and signs, simple tests (pulse, b.p., temperature etc.), muscle testing, internal sound ‘radar’ and energy pattern displacement testing. 

Restoring Energy Pathways: A) Refexology  B)  Huoli© (energy, vitality. vigor, vital force) – a combination of finger pressure and mild electrical stimulation on specific remedial (sensitive points of the body).

Lianxi©  (to integrate, to link, to touch): There are 12 distinct and  powerful needs we all have such as a need for security and a need for appreciation and recognition for example. Each individual has differing values so not every one of the 12 needs or sectors holds a high priority as others may. However, there is always ONE SECTOR that represents our soul wound that lies deep and without awareness of it, never heals and influences all behaviors including those that lead to illness. Specific strategies and techniques for integration of the ‘wound’ once located is taught and experienced.

Self-nurturing: helping clients through the power of  Chi in the Chow (food as medicine), the Power of Touch & Senses Alive (engaging all senses to enrich the body and mind).

Universal Healing Principles – the practitioner who has an understanding of and incorporates these principles into their healing practice gets better results than another practitioner who doesn’t, even if they are competent in the same techniques.

Please contact us for a courses, seminars & workshops on S-C ETS.