Our New Flagship Wellness Approach

Over the last 20+ years in the destination wellness and spa business we have seen many hundreds of people, looking at what worked and what didn’t when they changed their lifestyle to combat physical and emotional/mental issues to heal themselves.

Before that, 18 years of clinical practice seeing young and old patients looking for alternative answers after trying conventional therapies has convinced us that there are cures for illness based on natural remedies and supernatural assistance (prayer, mindfulness, attitudinal healing).

We wanted to distill the best of our experiences in the wellness field by creating a step-by-step and understandable approach for health optimization and recovery. We wanted an approach that was simple, doable, practical and effective. Seikon-Chikara was born!

Seikon-Chikara = Increased Vitality & Strong Immune System, a Sustained Ability to Focus and a Structured Personal Philosophy

Seikon-Chikara is a systems approach to wellness strengthening the mind, the body and the soul / spirit. It is a complete health program using years of experience, the latest scientific thinking and feedback from many hundreds of people over 35+ years.




Seikon-Chikara helps prevent illness, optimizes health and can be therapeutically applied to reverse many pathologies.

Seikon-Chikara when practiced consistently increases vitality, boosts your immune system, rests the nervous system and gives resilience in challenging times. The results are a much improved health, mental calmness and an overall better life!

We will be featuring Seikon-Chikara in our posts and pages from now on showing you how to integrate it into your life seamlessly.

Seikon-Chikara can help many conditions, from cardiovascular issues to being overweight.

Certain principles and practices are followed consistently allowing you to easily reverse illness and restore health.

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