What is Seikon-Chikara?

Seikon-Chikara is a step-by-step mind-body wellness program and guiding principles for health recovery and optimization attained by following our practical fundamentals & ‘Just Shift 3 Things’ protocols. Our program is a practical systems approach to achieving your health goals.

Therefore, Seikon-Chikara is a Way of Power – the Power to Attain Wellness Through the Gateways of Your Body, Mind and Spirit.

The 3 Gateways of the Seikon-Chikara Program:

It’s simple to make changes to your lifestyle. And at the same time, it’s hard.

But we make it easier with our Seikon-Chikara Fundamentals which includes the Just Shift Three Things Protocols: Shift your ‘Energy’, Shift your ‘Attention’, Shift your ‘Psychology.’

Together step by step, we make it Simple. Doable. Practical. Effective.


We make it easier to do more and feel great!

Getting well is often about changing lifestyle habits. However, it’s sometimes hard to change behavior. But we can ‘shift’ behavior.

[Shift:  to undergo a systematic transition from one place to another in order to achieve a desired result.]

Seikon-Chikara is:

  • a systems approach to mind-body wellness.
  • a step-by-step guided action plan and program, natural and bio-individualized with 3 main categories. Each of the Just Shift 3 Things categories are ‘gateways’ to the inherent vitality and intelligence found within every single cell of your body.
  • a pathway that enlivens and nurtures one’s own motivational processes for positive personal growth and happiness.

Seikon-Chikara Mastery = PSFD (Practicing Simple Fundamentals Daily)

Seikon-Chikara Step-by-Step


Want more details about our ‘super powerful & supernatural’ approach to wellness?

Learn More About Health Recovery & Wellness Optimization!

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Our wellness approach, through all the principles, protocols and practices of Seikon-Chikara connects you with a Power that heals you from within using the innate intelligence of your body and mind—nurturing the body and the inner life naturally is vital to healing and renewal.

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