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Whether you need a keynote speaker, a half or full-day workshop, Dr. Randall Hardy will bring passion, enthusiasm and cutting edge information for your group to make the changes they desire.

Always… “Motivational. Educational. Inspirational. Entertaining.”

Dr. Randy’s seminars and speaking engagements will give your attendees:

• Knowledge-to-action skills for health and personal development

• A systems approach for easy application of ideas and strategies

• An entertaining engagement for all, delivered with passion, humor, and practical wisdom!

• A take-home program booklet

Speaking Topics and Programs for your Audiences:

Any of the programs below can be ‘blended’ and created specifically for your group needs. This can be in the form of:

• A keynote address and/ or

• A half day or one or two day seminar

Attention Mastery: Using Your Brain…For a Change

• How to utilize the most powerful internal resource you own to create lasting changes for the life you really, really want. How to upgrade your brain software from negative thinking to a more positive outlook.

• Making behavioral and lifestyle changes even when it seems too hard. Recognizing addictive thinking and behavior in order to stop the struggle. Breaking the chains that are holding you back from your personal development, spiritual, health and weight loss goals.

Audiences love this one! A powerful presentation.

Weight Mastery©: Achieving Healthy, Permanent Fat Loss (and Enjoying It!)

• How to identify and remove psychological and physiological roadblocks to achieve successful healthy weight management.

• Marian Tobin-Hardy will add her expertise to this seminar as a natural foods chef to give your group a practical demonstration on how to create foods you love that are delicious, scrumptious and fast.

Practical and entertaining!

Seikon-Chikara©: Living a Healthy Life in the Real World: Just Shift 3 Things

• How to live a healthy lifestyle in the real world without driving yourself crazy. Understand and easily apply the ‘bottom line’ fundamentals of mind/body vitality principles. Finally, a way to be healthy without deprivation.

From A to Z, learn how to stay healthy the easy lazy persons way!

SuperNaturally Well: ‘No Pressure’ Stress Busting

• It is estimated that 60-90% of all physicians’ visits are for stress-related disorders. It is difficult to resist the effects of everyday living. What you can and need to do to survive the ‘rodent race’, in terms of real practical guidance, and from a holistic perspective.

Mindfulness, meditation, philosophy and psychology all rolled into an entertaining an informative talk!

Dr. Randall Hardy formerly practiced as chiropractor/naturopathDr. Randall Hardy and was a program director of a major US destination health resort and spa for 18 years where he lectured daily on health and self-development principles. He was the program director of Naturally Well By The Sea, a destination health & fitness program in Pompano Beach, Florida he ran with his wife Marian Tobin.

As president of SuperNaturally Well Communications, Inc., he enjoys working as a speaker, writer, publisher and lifestyle/weight loss consultant using his background in natural health, NLP and medical hypnosis.

He speaks professionally on cutting edge topics such as self-development, weight management, natural healing strategies, youthing (anti-aging – staying biologically younger, longer) and stress management. Dr. Randy is the author/coauthor of 3 books, numerous magazine articles, and has been a frequent guest on radio and TV.

He has also taught extended college courses on topics such as ‘The Symptomatology & the Philosophy of Natural Healing’ and ‘Archetypal Patterns in Relationship to Self-Development.’

Dr. Randall Hardy will create special programs tailored to meet your audience’s specific needs in his specialties of mind-body health, self-development and motivation, helping your group to succeed in these areas.