Shifting, Managing and Mastering Your Energy (Vitality / Metabolism)

Vitality refers to that energy, force or principle that distinguishes the living from the non-living. Metabolism is the process of the body that converts fuel from food into the energy that the body needs to engage in all the processes needed to continue living. Seikon-Chikara refers to both metabolism and vitality in the same manner because in combination they cover all mind and body factors that influence how much energy you end up with after your body uses available energy for its metabolic needs and your daily activities.

Think of your energy level like money in a bank: there is only so much you can spend before your account runs low. Learning to use this bank wisely means you can conserve your energy for the most important tasks, and avoid unnecessary ‘spending.’

Without optimum vitality, your life on many levels can run dry! If you continually run on ’empty’, you are now susceptible to multiple emotional and physical health problems. So come on folks – begin by POWERING UP!

Elevating and Maintaining Vitality & Metabolic Energy is concerned with the accumulation and conservation of mind-body vitality through the following three principles:

Power Up: Build Energy
Sustain: Conserve Energy
Avoiding Energy ‘Vampires’: People, Products and Ideas That Suck Your Dry

Click on each of the 3 components of SHIFTING, MANAGING AND MASTERING YOUR ENERGY – ‘Power Up’, ‘Sustain’ and ‘Avoid Energy Vampires’ to see more:

How do you build your energy reserves? Think of your total body energy like your bank account. This is where you make ‘deposits.’

1. Eating high water content foods like veggies and salads. A plant based diet (not necessarily vegetarian or vegan) is essential to good health, organic if possible. Animal foods are free-range and organic and eaten in the quantities according to your individual body physiology. Nutrition matters! Juicing veggies and low sugar fruit is also marvelous.

2. Drinking pure water daily in quantities to satisfy your personal requirements. A good rule of thumb is that you drink enough water so that your urine color is slightly yellow. If it has a dark color and strong odor, you probably are not drinking enough. Drinking gallons of water a day to ‘flush out the kidneys’ is not a good idea.

3. Move your body – get both cardio and muscle conditioning exercise daily. It doesn’t have to be hard, but it should be fun! Also, move your mind – get rid of the cobwebs and learn new things. Strive to become an interesting person. Positive feelings about yourself and the world around you helps build energy by releasing negativity.primary_health_factors

4. Get more good quality sleep. Do you have a hobby? If not, acquire one. Getting into what has been called ‘flow’ where your focus is on a highly enjoyable interest can be energy enhancing.

5. Take time out to breathe deeply and rhythmically. Your oxygen and carbon dioxide ratios help control body pH (along with your food intake and kidneys). Breath is the elixir of life (along with water).

6. Pay attention to the stress levels in your life. I know you have heard this one a million times or more, but new research is substantiating the old – stress can be THE determining factor on whether you get sick or not. If the stress in your life is too high, you will feel it’s detrimental effects even if you are doing everything else right!

7. Get rid of unnecessary drugs whether pushed or prescribed. The less toxic material you imbibe, the more real natural energy you will have. This includes the food and beverages you consume as well as environmental toxins you absorb through your lungs or skin. It’s the accumulation of toxic waste in your body that keeps your vitality suppressed. Occasional detoxifying weeks spent a few times a year helps reduce the toxic load of your body to sustain vitality.

8. Use all your senses positively. Healthy sensual pleasures help lower the compulsive need for the body and mind to crave things that when overindulged, rob our bodies’ precious energy stores. Our bodies are pleasure packages so immerse yourself in great tasting healthy food, a wonderful massage or a walk in nature on a with all if its sensual smells, sounds and aromas around you. Our 80-10-10 philosophy builds in treats (even no-no’s) so you never feel deprived!

9. The health of your adrenal glands, thyroid gland, kidneys, liver and gut are important determinants of metabolic energy as well as your intestinal (gut) health. In the Next Step*New Life Community we will be focusing on ways to ascertain the health of these glands/organs and how to help them if you they need assistance.

10. Everything that is written above helps reduce inflammation. Chronic inflammation may be the major underlying cause of most of our killing chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. Always find natural ways to prevent and reduce reduce out-of-control inflammation from occurring and if they do not work, seek medical help.

Now that you have made enough ‘deposits’ in your bank account where you are in the ‘black’, you must save and grow what you have. Conservation of your energy resources is essential.

You obviously want to sustain mind-body by continuing all of the good things you did in the ‘Power UP’ section. But what can we do specifically to not LOSE or WASTE energy?

1. Watch your body temperature. If you get cold, put on a sweater or coat. If you get too warm, remove some clothes. If the body has too work too hard to keep itself at a constant temperature, it stresses out and wastes energy trying to keep a constant temperature.

2. Don’t allow yourself to become dehydrated. Fatigue can often be the result of eating too much food that lacks sufficient water (i.e. junk food, too many animal foods, dairy, etc.) and not drinking enough pure water. Coffee, soda pop and alcohol are not appropriate beverages that elevate body water content!

3. Avoid known foodstuffs that are common food intolerances (allergies can immediate acute reactions whereas food intolerances or sensitivities cause some type of subtle reaction usually by the next morning, such as feeling unwell, tired and even feeling irritable or groggy). For example, stay away from all gluten, corn and soy products for a week or two and see how you feel. If your headaches or allergies or digestive upsets disappear, you are on the right track. 

4. Practice under eating. Eating too much food (especially when you are not really hungry) overloads your digestive system. It takes lots of energy to break down excessive unnecessary food, especially acidic inflammation-producing junk foods.

5. Over-exercising for long periods of time can be detrimental to your well-being. Initially work with a holistically minded and nutritionally aware personal trainer who can guide you toward the right workout frequency and intensity. The ancient arts of Yoga and Tai chi done well help sustain energy. Consider these programs too.

6. Holding onto body tension is hard on your energy reserves! Get massages. Pampering is rejuvenation for both body and soul. Give people in your family a reflexology treatment (or just massage their feet with natural creams or oils) and get reciprocal treatments. Heavenly.

7. Keep cool – emotionally. When we constantly ‘wig out’, we lose – not only our sense of self-control, but our energy too. When someone gets really angry and the physiology of their body reacts as if it is under attack, the blood pressure goes up and all processes of the body are on alert. The body dumps stress chemicals into itself for valid survival reasons that in certain situations are necessary, but constant bouts of noxious emotional outbursts deplete energy reserves and build up stress chemicals that become toxic over time.

8. Feeling constantly ‘blue’ is a bummer for you and everyone around you. And it causes you to slowly leak energy. Very often, avoiding white sugar products (do you ever get the ‘sugar blues’?) and changing your lifestyle for the better almost always helps somewhat, including physical exercise. Maybe you are stuck in a routine and bored. Pay attention to your hormone health too. Sometimes correcting thyroid gland and adrenal gland issues helps lift depressed emotions ‘out of the rut and into the sunlight.’

9. If you are a doormat to everyone and can’t say ‘no’ to anyone, eventually you burn out. Not satisfying your personal needs (in balance with others) can result in low self-esteem. Unhealthy dependencies and repressed anger always result in a passive reaction to life and usually not following through on doing things for one’s own well-being. Low emotional states inevitably lead to low energy.

10. Be proactive toward the life you want. This requires an upbeat attitude and this ‘shift’ alone can make you feel incredibly vital and energetic! Laugh a lot. Live a little simpler.

Energy Vampires are the People, Products and Ideas Suck Your Vitality and Leave You Drained.

1. There are people who may not consciously mean to take your time and energy, but they do. They are like black holes that want to take you into their world of misery and desperation. Everyone needs help from time to time. But these people make a career of telling you every detail of their troubles, yet they have no intention of helping themselves out of their rut. Their personal story keeps them stuck. You can’t help them if you drown in their sorrow with them. Do what you can by helping these folks in a manner what you are comfortable with and capable of, and then WALK AWAY! They have an empty hole (an unfulfilled need) that they are trying to fill, even if their methods are counterproductive. It’s a wound that needs to be managed.

People who have an unconscious ‘I really don’t want your help’ attitude can drag you down faster than quicksand. These folks have an unfulfilled emotional need. For example, someone who doesn’t get the love they crave may incessantly talk about their ongoing problems (along with the boring particulars) with every person they meet. They equate pity with caring. If they get attention in this way, they are not be inclined to find positive solutions. Refer them to a professional, a book or a seminar and send them thoughts of love.

2. Corporations are not people. And many don’t have a conscience. These are the companies that believe in ‘profits before people’ and they don’t care about you or me. If their products kill people slowly, so be it. When you stand up for healthy communities, a healthy family and a healthy planet you stand against these monoliths that greedily take and rarely give back. They use the planet’s resources unconsciously and without consideration for the next generation. Eventually, they will take everyone down if people of good will do not let their voice be heard.

Support companies that are local if possible and those who profit ethically and give back to the community, locally or globally. Junk food and cigarette companies for example, change the political landscape with their lobbyists and lots of money. Use the democratic machinery we have in place to make these companies responsible. Corporations are not people, but people do run them. They have a heart and families they love too. Help them wake up by also voting with your pocket book.

3. Some of the ideas that we allow to come into our consciousness and accept as truth can cause us to hate, condemn or criticize unnecessarily. How much energy do we waste when we spend so much time knocking others to make ourselves stand out or feel superior? Being mindful of our behavior, thoughts and feelings helps us to catch ourselves when we move into negative energy. Prolonged negative thinking contributes to a low-vibe emotional state. And, you feel lousy. Remember, ‘higher thinking = higher energy.’

What are some of the symptoms of low VITALITY and METABOLIC ENERGY?

1. A general overall MALAISE and LACK OF ENERGY which can be the cause and basis for many health problems or a result of low vitality / metabolic energy.

2. Low libido.

3. Chronic cold hands and feet (plus being generally chilly).

4. Sleep disorders.

5. Anxiety and depression. Difficulty dealing with minor stressors.

6. Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia

7. Susceptibility to infection and inflammatory problems including various arthritic and skin disorders.

8. Frequent colds and other acute illnesses leading to chronic disease(s).

9. Poor cognition including ‘fuzzy brain.’

10. Can’t lose or gain weight or gain weight unexpectedly.

11. Chronic shallow breathing.

12. Hair quality deteriorates.

13. Digestive issues.

14. Little or no enthusiasm for things that formally inspired and excited.

15. Feeling bloated.

16. Bad sugar cravings.

17. Low body temperature.

18. Hormonal signs – (in women) suffering from an array of menstrual symptoms or irregular, or heavy periods.

19. Signs and symptoms of physical stressors such as food intolerances and sensitivities.

20. Gradual or sudden onset of allergies with tiredness.

Low Energy Can Be Caused by Many Things. Remove the Cause(s) to Restore Optimal Vitality.

Healing is a ‘Shedding Process.’ Letting Go of Factors and Habits that Suppress the Healing Power Within Allows the Intelligence in the Body to Self-Correct.

What are some of the ways to measure Metabolic Energy or Body Vitality at home?

1. Take your TEMPERATURE daily (morning, afternoon and evening) for a few weeks and graph the results.

Low body temperature and fluctuations often signal a thyroid gland problem or adrenal gland fatigue (or both).

Take Your Temperature Daily – Watch the Patterns of Low and/or Highs.

2. Take your PULSE in a resting state (make sure you haven’t engaged in strenuous movement for about 20 minutes).

Measure the beats per minute or in a 15 second interval and multiply by 4. While you are taking a pulse, also get a sense of the quality of the pulse. Is it strong and even or weak and erratic. It will take a while to get a feel for this. In some people the pulse is so weak you can barely feel the ‘beat.’ Take the pulse of your friends and family to see the possible differences in the pulse QUALITY. This is very important. The quality of the pulse beat is just as or more important than the beats per minute.

A Good Quality Pulse

The pulse should be around 72 beats per minute (bpm) and demonstrating a strong even beat. It could be slightly more and possibly in the low 60’s for a healthy person. A healthy person demonstrates a nice, even strong beat. They usually eat well and exercise regularly. Their attitude is often upbeat and they employ healthy ways to deal with stress.

Take Your Pulse Rate & Also Observe Its Quality.

A Weak Pulse

A weak (and sometimes erratic) pulse often is indicative of someone who has undergone a period of prolonged stress or is in a state of chronic disease. The pulse could be within the normal range of 72 bpm, but often it is much lower, even in the 50’s. If the pulse rate is high along with a weak pulse it reveals someone who may have a fever or chronic inflammation or is under acute stress. If the heart (pulse) rate is perpetually over 100, see your doctor ASAP.

A weak pulse over many months or years (indicated by the tone of the pulse and bpm) is often a sign of chronic thyroid, adrenal, kidney, liver or cardiac problems. In the absence of known organ dysfunction, check the thyroid gland and adrenals for problems. Very often, some very simple measures correct these deficiencies.

3. Take your BLOOD PRESSURE.

Again, if the blood pressure is too high or too low, the organs mentioned above may be needing help. The BP should be 120/80 but is often lower if the person is in good health, exercises and has high vitality. A BP of 140/90 is hypertensive and someone who has a constant elevated BP for several weeks should follow good health practices as described on this website and see their qualified primary health practitioner or coach for help if the BP does not normalize. A low BP along with a low bpm, weak pulse and showing symptoms of fatigue reveals someone who is in a chronic state of low metabolic energy and must immediately do everything he or she can to restore optimum vitality levels.

Take Your Blood Pressure Every Week for Several Weeks & Longer if Necessary.

4. Every 2 or 3 months, get a BLOOD SUGAR reading before a meal and 2 hours after. Also, when you go for routine blood tests ask for an HbA1c test (the HbA1c test is a measure of blood sugar control over the previous two to three months). The meters are fairly inexpensive and many people have pre-diabetes or diabetes and do not know it.

Get a Blood Sugar Reading Regularly – Its Easy to Do and Its Important!

5. Get comprehensive BLOOD & URINE CHEMISTRY PANELS done at least once a year. These tests measure blood pH, minerals, blood sugar, kidney and liver function and other important factors such as Vitamins D, B12 and iron.

6. If you suspect a HYPOTHYROID/HYPERTHYROID ISSUE or ADRENAL GLAND INSUFFICIENCY or EXPERIENCE HYPER-IRRITABILITY and FATIGUE, there are blood and saliva tests that can be performed to ascertain their health along with their symptoms and signs.

They specially ordered tests may need to be interpreted differently than the usual standard lab tests that are usually done. We will talk about these issues and solutions within the Next Step*New Life Community Forums as well as future webinars and teleconferences.

Lab Testing is Virtually Non-invasive and Can Detect Chronic Problems if Results are Interpreted Correctly.

Everything in the world is made from particles of energy. The more energy you have on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – the healthier you are! That’s a fact.

Need more energy? Practice Seikon-Chikara & Just Shift 3 Things!