The Next Step*New Life Wellness Community is a go!

The forums are up and running. Please join us and enjoy the benefits of being a member. There is a lot of information available to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Joining early doesn’t mean you will be ignored. You will be one of the founding members and help from Dr. Randall and Marian is immediately available as well as from members who sign up now and in the immediate future.

We are adding new content every day and we will be adding podcasts with body, mind and spirit notables, recipes and videos with Marian actually showing you how to create some of her delicious ‘fast-and-easy’ masterpieces, and anything else authentically wellness in body, mind and spirit.

Please share and contribute as well as getting support. The success of this community is dependent on you interacting with us in the forums. If you are shy at first, no problem. Warm up and feel comfortable, then post away.

The benefits to becoming a member are numerous, most of all you will have support, especially if you have been feeling like you have had to go it alone on your health journey.

When you join up: If there are any glitches or problems or suggestions for us, please let us know. This is your community and we want it to be the best experience anywhere. Thanks!

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Dr. Randall Hardy and Marian Tobin-Hardy