Weight Mastery!  The Healthy Weight Management Coaching Program

Your Coach, Dr. Randall Hardy, will challenge you and support you in attaining the healthy fat loss you desire and deserve in your life.

You will learn:

• The step-by-step methods, strategies and principles of the Weight Mastery! Program that Dr. Hardy has developed over 30 years of observing what worked (and what didn’t) and working with people in his clinical care and in his supervisory capacity as a program director of major US destination health resorts!

An individualized program for you in terms of:

Nutrition – Every person has their own unique requirements of food in terms of the macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat) and foods to avoid. You won’t feel deprived! Say no to dieting – you will learn a lifestyle you can follow comfortably and modify it according to your personal preferences.

Exercise – Once again, individuality in health and weight loss is the key! You will learn to enjoy the exercise program you help to choose.

The Psychology of Winning the ‘Losing’ Game – Einstein once said that you can’t solve problems with the same mindset that created your problems in the first place. We work on changing some of your deeply held beliefs that inhibit your health and weight loss goals. You begin to see yourself as a different person and change your life priorities to match your goals!

Our modern lifestyle is hectic and most people are ‘running with their shoe laces untied.’ There seems to be no time available to do things that cause health and to maintain a proper body weight. There is a marked increase in the consumption of fast foods—no wonder!

The increase in the numbers of ‘over fat’ people has gone hand in hand with rising disease rates. Approximately 65% of people are overweight. Thirty-one percent are outright obese, compared with only 23% in 1994. The numbers of children who are overweight has tripled since 1980.

Is the answer to the obesity problem complicated?

Well, yes and no. Yes, because it is difficult to maintain a focus on a healthy lifestyle when there are so many negative choices to indulge in and so much emotional pull for you to eat non-food and be a couch potato. No, because the logical answers are for the most part so simple. Most people are fully aware of this statement and that’s why they feel so bad when they ‘fail.’

The following is our general philosophy about weight management elucidated through the questions we are most often asked.

What kind of foods should I eat?

According to the latest research, what is one link between obesity and cancer and diabetes and some other chronic illnesses? Over indulging in unhealthy food that cause inflammation. Foods that are inflammation producing are foods that are high in bad fats, white sugar, white flour and liquids like sodas, coffee, and alcohol. You get the picture.

Therefore, to offset this you should eat primarily foods that are high in water content. That’s right: veggies and salads. Does that mean you eat like a rabbit? Of course not. Eat a lot of high water content food and reduce food items that contain less water such as meat, pasta, dairy and bread. There are hundreds of healthy recipes you can get in books and on the net that are absolutely delicious.

Current research and experience shows us that higher fat, moderate protein and low (processed) carb is the answer for most people, tweaked to their own metabolism, body and type and psychology.

Highly Acid Foods

Inflammation Producing Foods Cause Obesity.

Every person is wired biologically and psychologically in a unique way.

That is why some programs work for some and not for others. Our Weight Mastery Program takes this into account. We look at body type and cultural characteristics. We evaluate whether a person is carbohydrate, fat or calorie sensitive. Are some foods causing a water weight gain because of a food sensitivity? Sometimes it is only one or two foods a person needs to cut out of their diet to succeed. We have studied and evaluated many hundreds of people on different programs in many settings and have picked the best from each success and learned from each failure to create a unique program for every person. However, general principles of health and lifestyle apply to everyone.

Daily Walks Improve Metabolism

How much exercise should I get and what kind should I do?

Can you exercise intentionally three or four times a week for an hour? Can you have fun while you are doing it, like listening to great music? It’s your time – so you must enjoy it. It’s the attitude with which you approach it that makes the difference. I always recommend exercise you can physically do, can create time for and most of all, enjoy.You must move your body every day. It’s the little things you do every day that over time contribute significantly to your weight loss goals. I have seen people get in their car to drive a few blocks to the store or ride an elevator when they are perfectly capable of walking up the stairs.

Of course, cardio and muscle conditioning is required to get healthy and lose fat. The proportion of each is determined by your body type and metabolic requirements. We go over this in detail in our program.

What are the best weight loss programs out there?

Some programs are pretty good short term. You can lose fat if you stick with them. But no-one sticks to them and that is why there is a multi-billion dollar weight loss industry. On most programs you can lose weight, but long term you will get sick— and poor quality programs always result in “what comes off must go back on.”

Low carb, high carb, vegan, vegetarian, high protein, low fat, etc. etc. The debate can drive you crazy. The macro-nutrient food content of protein, fat and carbohydrate has always been hotly contested by various authorities.

Here’s a hint: nature designed us to eat the foods we are physiologically designed to eat. Our genetic programming will keep us on track if we keep in mind we are still governed by natural law. Civilization (i.e. processed foods) has allowed us to bypass natural tendencies, but at what cost?

Does this mean I have to be a purist and perfect to lose weight? No, 80*10*10!

Absolutely not. We wrote a book about our philosophy on how to create what we call a buffer zone between yourself and illness. In a nutshell we do we what call “80*10*10”. It simply means that if you follow your chosen individually designed healthy weight management program 80% of the time (read most); 10% of the time you can have what we call your ‘anti-deprivation’ foods (read occasionally) as long as they do not worsen a disease condition or you are not allergic or addicted to them; and 10% of the time (at regular intervals) you cleanse your body by eating good foods to give it a break a designated times.

Does this work? Yes! This is a practical idea that keeps you on your program, without feeling deprived.

How much weight loss per week should I expect?

Create a realistic time line and weight loss. Would you be happy with 1.5 to 2 pounds per week? You may want to lose 14 pounds over a weekend like they advertise on TV with quick loss scam programs, but you can’t lose that much fat. It’s water loss and it isn’t healthy to lose weight like that.

If you lose 6 – 8 pounds per month, you can reach lose significant amounts of fat in a healthy way. In 6 months you will have lost 36 to 48 pounds, and you will keep it off this way. On our Weight Mastery Program, be like the tortoise, not the rabbit. Like many good things in life, slow and steady will get you there, at your goal weight and healthy!

Be like the Turtle in your Weight Mastery Program, slow and steady.

Why and how is your program different from all the others I have tried?

• We follow very powerful natural laws that your genes are programmed to follow. We put nature on your side.

• We help you design your own program based on your unique biological, psychological and environmental conditions.

• We realize that most people ‘fail’ because they haven’t acquired the right mindset before they begin and while on their diet (we don’t like the word diet – the unconscious mind equates the first three letters with deprivation of the worst kind).

• We spend time on ‘attitudinal conditioning’ to help you see some of your behavioral traits that may be contributing to weight gain and plateaus.

• We support you in your ‘wins’ and especially during your challenging times.

• We teach you a program that can help you stay healthy and slim for life!

Get a coach to create a plan, to co-monitor your progress and to be accountable. We can help you.

There are 2 Program Options:

Weight Mastery ‘One-Shot’ Option:

A 1 Hour Telephone Consultation Using the Supplied Detailed Health Questionnaire.

We will discuss ways you can get on track and stay focused in order to achieve healthy permanent weight loss. Having the PsychroMind Weight Mastery book/CD combination is not a prerequisite for the consultation, but will be helpful to further guide you toward weight mastery. Note: A FREE Weight Mastery / .mp3 Audio Combo is included with the Premium Coaching Package.


Weight Mastery Premium Package Option:

2 Hours of Telephone Consultation (over 4 weeks) Using the Supplied Detailed Health Questionnaire PLUS all the premium features listed below:

  • 15 minute initial consult
  • Detailed health questionnaire review
  • 2 hours of in-depth telephone consultations – 1/2 hour segments weekly
  • A digital copy of Dr. Randall Hardy’s ‘PsynchroMind Weight Mastery’ book and .mp3 audio combo
  • A digital copy of Dr. Randall Hardy’s book ‘Naturally Well’
  • Unlimited email support





For more information:

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No pressure, no obligation. You will begin to see results within *10 – 14 days or your money back – guaranteed (many people have more energy and see a weight reduction within a few days). A reprocessing and materials fee of $59 is non-refundable. All funds are in US$.

*If you are following our direction and making a fair and honest effort

The Weight Mastery Premium Program Package must be completed within 5 weeks from start date.

Weight Mastery Coaching is for those people whose primary issue is weight loss. If your primary issue is a health condition you wish to work on, check out our Wellness Mastery Coaching Program.