The Physiology and Psychology of Healthy Weight Management: Weight Mastery

The statistics are grim – most people don’t lose weight on a diet. As a result, they experience many years of failure or worse, suffering from the health effects of obesity.

I think most people would agree that the dietary world is confusing. Popular weight loss programs have  ideas that seem so far apart from each other and even scientific studies seem to contradict each other every few years. About the only thing most people would agree on is that eating more fruits and vegetables are good for you. However, on almost every other topic there is divisive controversy.Diet Advice is confusing.

People are looking for a little more certainty these days. It’s understandable therefore, diets that promise pounds falling off the body over a weekend by exercising for 2 minutes daily, eating what you want and drinking gallons of expensive glorified fruit juice are appealing.

After all, black and white systems that reduce a nutritional regime into a simple format have infiltrated modern thinking about weight loss. Also, they never address individual biological differences and the complexities of real world living.

There are 3 essential things to understand in order to lose weight safely which are:

1. Maintaining a slightly alkaline body tissue pH to reduce chronic tissue inflammation,
2. Controlling blood sugar levels and
3. Cultivating the right mental attitude to stay on your chosen program.

We call this our all-encompassing ‘Three Prong Solution.’

Chronic inflammation when out of control in our bodies, can often be the real culprit behind obesity issues. Many of the foods and liquids people love to consume cause toxic tissue acid levels to rise to dangerous levels. Related issues are blood sugar stability and alkaline/acid body pH balance. Our Weight Mastery program shows people that they have the power to control these obesity and other healthy-destroying issues over time.

The thing is diets don’t work long-term in the real world. Losing weight becomes easier when our biochemical ‘happy zones’ are turned on. This is accomplished with a plant-based diet consisting of veggies, low sugar fruits, some grains and organic fish and fowl.

You need to eat healthier treats too in order to keep committed to your wellness / weight loss program. Our treats are similar in look and taste to the foods we love in the real world, but instead of causing body fat buildup, the body turns into a lean, mean fat burning machine along with easy exercises. We also teach attitudinal healing principles to help people maintain their fat loss goals.

What’s attitude have to do with weight loss you may be asking? Everything! We want to be healthy and lose weight but we can’t seem to. Why? Some people still dream of eating ice cream, chocolate, potato chips and drink sodas all day and expect great results because they are using some special pills they bought from a magazine. Others who are more sincere will still ask in effect, ‘How much hell can I get away with and still get to heaven?’ It’s the most common question we are asked in our lectures and classes in health and weight management. It’s human nature.[custom_frame_left]Diets do not work long term. Weight Mastery always does.[/custom_frame_left] 

Realize that you don’t have to feel deprived to lose body fat and become healthy. In fact, having treats is encouraged to keep us on the program. One of our core program principles is to develop a ‘moderation in excess’ attitude. You don’t have to be perfect to succeed.

The attitude you bring to bear on winning at weight loss is a major key to your success. Your persistent thoughts and feelings day after day are the determining factors – are you eating from boredom or anxiety for example?

We have come to learn over the years that when overweight and obese people lose weight but stubbornly hold on to old ways of thinking, they tend to backslide into bad habits. At Naturally Well by the Sea (no longer in operation), we helped our guests learn new strategies that can literally rewire their brain in order to change emotional reactions and behavior.

Many people have reduced fat and increased health via our Weight Mastery principles and practices. Have patience and love the journey!

You can learn more about Weight Mastery from my book of the same name. It also has a CD included to help you reprogram your mind (especially at the unconscious level).

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