Wellness Mastery! – The ‘Seikon-Chikara’ Disease Prevention and Health Recovery Coaching Program

Finding the right solutions to become well is often confusing. It’s especially hard to know how to find the right balance between using prescribed drugs, natural remedies and necessary lifestyle changes. Let Dr. Randy be your wellness coach (along with your primary health practitioner if you choose) and guide you to help your body prevent or heal acute and chronic health problems.


Your coach, Dr. Randall Hardy, has the skills necessary to give you the information, tools and strategies and the personalized attention you need that are critical to your health and associated life goal(s).

Once you and Dr. Randy decide to work together, you will be asked to define the health results that you are committed to achieving. With his help and guidance, you will then assess with absolute clarity where you are right now and where you want to be. Next, you will identify the things that keep you from achieving the results you desire. Next step – create a realistic wellness plan that works for you.

Wellness Mastery is really about proper body/mind energy (vitality and metabolism) management.

Optimal mind-body energy management is achieved by following the principles and practices concerning the conservation, elevation or depletion of physical, emotional, metal and spiritual energy. We follow the guiding principles of our Seikon-Chikara Wellness Optimization Program.

Engaging in positive or negative lifestyle habits and therapeutics can either increase or decrease the expression of inherent energy (VITALITY) for a specific individual.

We want to focus on your ENERGY because ENERGY is life. When your ENERGY (VITALITY) is optimized you are less susceptible to illness.

The quality of your health and how you feel about your life are intricately connected – that’s why we also work on life issues that may need attention (only when indicated) while directly addressing your body’s needs.

The mind and body work together. If you are not well, let’s give your body a fighting chance to heal by addressing your health holistically and naturally whenever possible.

We believe in self-responsibility and self-direction. If you wish to first consult with your primary health care provider before you implement any suggestions given, please feel free. If you would like us to work in tandem with your primary health care practitioner, we can do that too.

Our bodies are bio-electrical and bio-chemical living tissues. Are you putting in enough high-powered nutrition and thinking into your body and your life?

Are your lifestyle habits keeping you above ‘disease energy threshold’, or are you slowly spiraling downward toward health problems that are potentially avoidable?

Are you making ‘deposits’ into your ‘health account’, keeping you in the ‘black’? Or are you making ‘withdrawals’ and putting your self in the ‘red’. We know you know what we mean by this metaphor.

You put deposits into your ‘health account’ by living our Seikon-Chikara Gateways of Power Principles Summary.

Stop living a life that is harder, more exhausting and more stressful than it needs to be! Discover through our programs, classes and seminars how to experience better health and well-being.

If you make a fundamental decision to really make a change in your life today, just a small step can…

…change your life forever.


…your world becomes brighter.

If you would like to:

• End forever the see-saw between feeling good and feeling lousy
• Get to root causes of most health problems that can be associated with lifestyle and stress
• Learn how to put your health on ‘autopilot’ so less effort is needed once you understand and practice our Seikon-Chikara Wellness Principles
• Reawaken your natural motivation to automatically do what’s healthiest for you


About 2 months ago, pain sent me into the hospital and I ended up having a kidney stone. They tested my urine and found out I had diabetes – I had a 280 glucose level! I immediately called Dr. Hardy for advice. He said I could beat it if I was willing to make a serious lifestyle change. I cut out all white sugar products, processed carbs, grains and temporarily avoided fruit. I started to prepare meals at home and made a decision to work out twice a week. Fast forward two months later, I’m in better shape than I was in high school. I lost 37 lbs! I had a sore ankle for over 8 years and it doesn’t hurt anymore – it turns out that inflammation in that area was the cause, because it no longer hurts anymore. Thanks to Dr. Hardy for a wonderful solution to my health problems. I no longer have diabetes according to my personal family physician. My glucose is in the low 90’s now and I just had to toss my entire wardrobe because nothing fits me anymore! Thanks so much Dr. Hardy!!!

Brian H. ~ Washington

There are 2 Program Options:

Wellness Mastery ‘One-Shot’ Option:

A 1 Hour Telephone Consultation Using the Supplied Detailed Health Questionnaire.

We will discuss ways you can get on track and stay focused in order to achieve healthy permanent weight loss. Having the book Naturally Well by Dr. Randall Hardy is not a prerequisite for the consultation, but will be helpful to further guide you toward wellness mastery.


Wellness Mastery Premium Package Option:

2 Hours of Telephone Consultation (over 4 weeks) Using the Supplied Detailed Health Questionnaire PLUS all the premium features listed below:

  • 15 minute initial consult
  • Detailed health questionnaire review
  • 2 hours of in-depth telephone consultations – 1/2 hour segments weekly
  • Nutritional and Lifestyle Suggestions, Homeopathic and Herbal Recommendations
  • A digital copy of Dr. Randall Hardy’s book ‘Naturally Well’
  • Unlimited email support





For more information:

Please Contact Us.

The Wellness Mastery Premium Program Package must be completed within 5 weeks from start date. Extra weeks can be added to program if necessary. You are making a commitment to yourself and me so no refund until after the first session and before the second session, fair enough?

Wellness Mastery Coaching is for those people whose primary issue is weight loss. If your primary issue is a health condition you wish to work on, check out our Weight Mastery Coaching Program.